Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Contemporary Conversation

Hi All,

Today i share a conversation between two friends in UK when they met in Coventry.

Stephen: Hello Rebello.
How are you?

Rebello: Hello Stephen.
I am fine. Thank you.
How are you?

Stephen: I am fine. Thank you.
Where are you going?

Rebello: I am going to Coventry.

Stephen: What is the purpose?

Rebello: For buying some Contemporary furnitures for my new office.

Stephen: Ok. From where did you plan to buy furnitures?

Rebello: No, I am not found anyone. I am searching for some good furniture suppliers there. I forget to ask one thing.

Stephen: What's the matter?

Rebello: From where did you buy those furnitures in your office?

Stephen: I bough those Contemporary furniture from Elleinteriors in Coventry, UK.
Elle interiors, they are the biggest Contract furniture supplier in UK.

Rebello: Is they provide all kinds of furnitures?

Stephen: Yes, Elle interiors specialize in cool, funky, modern and contemporary furniture for offices, home, bars, restaurants, caf├ęs, Universities and independent retailers.

Rebello: Ok. Thank you so much for the great information.

Stephen: Ok, You are welcome.

Rebello: Then ok, friend i am going there to buy those Contemporary office furnitures. Take care and See you later.

Stephen: Take care and Bye

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